Whether you are further developing an existing interest or charting an entirely new path, we commend your decision to pursue that first step by choosing to go to graduate school.

At Southern Connecticut State University, you will experience the highest quality of education with affordable tuition, caring staff, and dedicated professors who help you grow as an individual and guide you on your future endeavors. Southern represents multiple countries in our master’s and doctoral programs, and welcomes applications from students from around the world.

Founder's Gate

A Campus That Supports You

Southern’s beautiful campus puts students’ needs first. You’ll feel at home in our graduate student housing and you’ll enjoy wireless access across campus. Our newly renovated and expanded library, brand new Health and Human Services building, state-of-the-art science Building, computer labs, and comfortable study spaces are standing by to serve you on your journey to academic success.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Our long-standing commitment to diversity and inclusion cultivates a rich and dynamic environment for students to learn and grow into global citizens. We pride ourselves on our commitment to creating a diverse and welcoming community – both on and off campus.

“Our mission is to serve humanity by enabling you to learn about the issues that matter to you and to the world around us, gain meaningful knowledge and diverse perspectives, develop an ability to make decisions towards the betterment of humankind, and take advantage of opportunities to lead a life of fulfillment, with self-esteem.”

See What the Campus Looks Like

Visual Tour

The Southern campus is a beautiful and exciting place. Discover what life is like at Southern from the comfort of your home using our Visual Tour!


Check out the photos of our beautiful campus and from some amazing events!

  • Academic Quad
  • Buley Library room
  • Academic Science and Laboratory Building