Alexander Clark

Alexander Clark

Founder and CEO, Technolutions
Keynote Speaker
Recipient of President’s Medal of Distinction – Evening Ceremony

As a distinguished Yale University alumnus who has an extraordinary commitment to education, Alexander Clark has truly dedicated his life to the higher education field.

Clark began his career at an incredibly young age, founding Technolutions in 1994 while a seventh grader in Mississippi. Just six years later, as a freshman English major at Yale, he not only created, but also introduced Slate – a platform utilized and trusted by more than 1,500 colleges and universities worldwide to support enrollment, student success, alumni, and advancement operations.

Since then, Clark has continued to devote himself to Technolutions and its Slate community, leading as chief executive officer through their evolution and growth over two decades. In 2018, he also served as the founder of Slate School, a nonprofit K-12 independent school located on a 40-acre campus in North Haven, Conn.

With Southern Connecticut State University’s admissions office and graduate school recently implementing Slate into their day-to-day operations, the system has been a driving force behind the growing relationships between admissions counselors, students, and outside organizations.

Clark possesses an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, is focused on cultivating creativity, fosters ingenuity and curiosity, and inspires a deep passion for lifelong learning.

Given his tremendous contributions to the New Haven community and beyond, it is no wonder that Clark was described as a higher education “Wizard of Oz” in a feature article by Eric Hoover in the Chronicle of Higher Education.