For more than 125 years, Southern has provided affordable, flexible, career-focused undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs tailored to students’ needs. Whether business, health and human services, education, or arts and sciences, SCSU’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) non-credit courses and certificates are your passport to career success.

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Increase your career advancement opportunities

  • Our courses make you more qualified for advanced work and a stronger candidate for promotions.
  • Enhance your skills set and the array of professional opportunities in your field.

Increase your salary

  • Professional development often leads to a raise or higher starting salary at a new position.
  • Industry-specific certificates can have a major impact on your lifetime income

Increase your ability to make a career transition

  • Professional development is the first step toward a new career path.
  • Many professions consider continuing education as a critical measure of success and self-improvement.