This certificate program offers the following services

  • Spanish Language Proficiency Testing Services: Assess the language proficiency of selected Clifford Beers’ employees in order to develop on-site training modules and ensure compliance with federal guidelines requiring language accommodation for patients and families with limited English proficiency;
  • On-Site Spanish Language and Cultural Competency Training Modules: Develop and deliver a series of Spanish language training modules on-site at Clifford Beers’ headquarters to elevate the proficiency of selected employees who are below or at the novice, intermediate, and advanced levels; and,
  • Student Internships and Consultative Engagement: Establish a sustainable internship model for currently matriculated SCSU students to participate in either paid or credit-based internships at Clifford Beers focused on translation services between caregivers and Testing Services: Online assessment and detailed feedback on the speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension skills of each test participant.

The Spanish Language Training program includes a comprehensive assessment and evaluation process for continuous improvement and to ensure that participants are able to effectively apply their acquired skills to their job.  Each component outlined is thoroughly assessed to ensure that your organization is fully satisfied. The evaluation and assessment will provide a foundation for all elements of the program and your leadership team will be engaged throughout this vital process to ensure a collaborative final product and achievement of measurable project goals.