Matt Fleury

Matt Fleury

President and CEO, Connecticut Science Center
Recipient of Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters – Afternoon Ceremony

Matt Fleury’s vision for public higher education as a vehicle for personal and societal improvement is built on personal experience. As a graduate of Berkshire Community College, Charter Oak State College, and UCONN School of Business, he brings a unique understanding of the needs of students. As a leader in the STEM fields, he recognizes that the state’s public colleges and universities are the talent pipeline for Connecticut’s economic future.

Fleury served on the Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education since 2011, including two terms as chair of the BOR until June 2022. He recognized that the 17 institutions within the state college and university system offer pathways for residents — regardless of their background or life circumstances — to experience the rigors of higher education, grow as individuals, and earn a degree.

In addition to his service on the board, Fleury is president and CEO of the Connecticut Science Center in downtown Hartford, leading the center’s ambitious educational agenda to serve children, families, schools, and educators.

His leadership at the Connecticut Science Center has inspired countless young people to explore careers in STEM fields, and his leadership on the Board of Regents has put our state colleges and universities in a stronger position. He brought the right experience and leadership style to the Connecticut Board of Regents to ensure that our public system of higher education is in a position to help get our state moving again. His vision and focus have ensured that the highest quality of education options for Connecticut students are rooted in the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities.